Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Process of making olives

Step forward in the process of elaboration of olives is harvested. We'll take a bucket and we will have to collect directly from olives olive branches, or cut the branch. Once the bucket, pass to the second step.

Second step is to take the bucket of olives, and placed in a container on the table not to be ducking all the time.

Prepare a kitchen mallet or stone washed well above the table will have a wooden base and then we will take one by one all the olives and give them a blow, thereby making them a good cut, crushing them. The crushed olives were deposited in a bucket. (This process is done in the olives will be dressed to be sour)

The process for the marinated olives is as follows: with a knife, one by one all the olives are cut arem medium without going over.

The third step is to take these buckets and fill them with water for 7 days to be changing the water.

In the next articles will be the next steps to develop:

Bitter olives
Marinated olives
Sevillanas Olives

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