Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chinese Food Flavor

The oriental flavor and seasoning to reach the world

The food is always going to be one of the main points of pleasure and enjoyment to be found in the lives of all people in the world, for the exquisite taste and pleasant aromas immediately cause a good feeling in people, as a delicious food from the mouth, immediately causes a sensation of enjoyment and pleasure, so the food has great importance in people. So you have to get the most out of the different foods that can be found in the world and one of the best meals that can be tested in many parts of the world, China is food thanks to its ancient tradition has achieved excellent flavors that are very pleasing to palates not only of China but a large number of people around the world.

Chinese food is one of the most complete and rich foods that can be found all over the world, since this food has gone through a long historical process of culinary tradition that has helped to achieve excellent flavor and because this has been spread worldwide.

Chinese food is the mixture of all those special paltillos made in different regions of China and then were extended to various parts of the world starting with Southeast Asia, through the whole continent of America coming to Europe.

Chinese food is basically divided into two groups:

"One is the group of starches which represents the basic dishes or main meal, which usually consists of rice, noodles or steamed buns.

"The other is the side dish that is composed of general vegetable or meat different tips.

As you can understand the way in which food is served China is different from Western food, as it serves the opposite, since in most Western societies the main course is meat and starches and vegetables are a complementary part of animal protein.

It should be noted that in China the only food ingredient that is inevitable and very important is rice, they may serve in different ways and get different flavors but the rice in a good, typical Chinese food can not miss.

Another typical aspect of Chinese food is that first solid foods are served such as rice, meat and vegetables and finally the soup, with another feature that differs from Western customs.

In Chinese food is not very common to find that the desserts are served at the end of the meal, most commonly found in the course of all the food regardless of the time in which they should consume, so you can say that desserts as such there is no food in China, as close to these in Chinese food are served sweet dishes.

Oriental Food

Asian food is a favorite today by many people around the world due to its exotic ingredients, intense flavors, bright colors and nutritional benefits.

Oriental food has spread around the world and today we can find Asian restaurants in any part or place we visit.

Usually this type of food is cooked steamed, fried and sauteed.

The main ingredients in Asian cuisine are soya, tofu, rice, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, algae and mushrooms.

In Asian cuisine find Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Thai. Each with its own style yet sharing one another several characteristics.

Each type of Asian cuisine is renowned for its specialty, like sushi and tempura in Japanese food, the spring roll in Chinese food and Pad Thai in Thai food.

In general, all Eastern diets high intake of fish, seafood, vegetables and plants, which make them healthy diets recommended by many nutrition experts.

Asian food is not only recognized for its ingredients or specialties, but how to present their dishes, types of utensils, how to cook using a wok and how to eat with chopsticks instead of silverware.

Asians use many varieties of sauces to spice up their dishes. There are many types of oriental sauces: strong highly flavored, spicy, thick and more smooth and light. Each type of sauce is to accompany a particular type of dish.

Some types of salsa are:

- Soy or soy.

- Teriyaki. It is a combination of soybean and sweet and sour sauce.

- Bittersweet. Composed mainly of tomatoes, sugar and vinegar.

- Peanuts. Prepared with coconut and peanuts.

- Sesame. Composed of different types of oil, vinegar and soy.

The most popular Asian dishes and preferred by lovers of this cuisine are fried rice, tempura, spring rolls, wonton soup, Sushi.

Spread of tea in the World

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. There are over 3,000 varieties. He drinks for thousands of years and its consumption has spread to almost every country in the world.

The Spanish word "tea" derives from the Amoy Chinese dialect, which is pronounced "tai". Emerged from the first contacts between Dutch and Chinese merchants of the port of Amoy in Fujian province. The practice of using tea leaves to give a good taste to boiling water, was first used in China around 250 BC According to Chinese legend, was the Emperor Shen Nung and scholar who discovered the beneficial properties of tea. One of his wise norms was the provision that, during his reign, all water intended for human consumption was previously boiled. They say that one day, when Shen Nung was resting next to a wild tea tree, a slight breeze stirred the branches, with such good fortune, some leaves fell in the water was boiling. The resulting infusion seemed delightfully refreshing and restorative and that's how he discovered the tea.

The tea comes in contact with Europeans for the first time in India when the Portuguese come to her in 1497, since in India you use was widespread. The first shipment should you get to Amsterdam around 1610 at the initiative of the East India Company. In France the new drink does not appear until 1635 or 1636. In England, you come through the Netherlands and London coffee it became fashionable to the 1657.

Consumption will only gained notoriety in Europe in the years 1720-1730. Then begins a direct trade between China and Europe. Although only a tiny part of Eastern Europe, Holland and England, the new beverage consumed.

In England I get to all social classes, poor and rich people drank. Even states that replaced the gin. Today, taking you at five in the afternoon is a characteristic of this realm. Although China was taking tea long before now it takes more and more people than any other country in the world.

The popularity of tea grew rapidly throughout the world, to becoming, as previously mentioned, one of the most popular beverage in the world. Today there are many tea shops that sell the majority of the known qualities of tea ... Shop you special. In almost all parts of the world you can drink a good cup of fragrant tea.