Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oriental Food

Asian food is a favorite today by many people around the world due to its exotic ingredients, intense flavors, bright colors and nutritional benefits.

Oriental food has spread around the world and today we can find Asian restaurants in any part or place we visit.

Usually this type of food is cooked steamed, fried and sauteed.

The main ingredients in Asian cuisine are soya, tofu, rice, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, algae and mushrooms.

In Asian cuisine find Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Thai. Each with its own style yet sharing one another several characteristics.

Each type of Asian cuisine is renowned for its specialty, like sushi and tempura in Japanese food, the spring roll in Chinese food and Pad Thai in Thai food.

In general, all Eastern diets high intake of fish, seafood, vegetables and plants, which make them healthy diets recommended by many nutrition experts.

Asian food is not only recognized for its ingredients or specialties, but how to present their dishes, types of utensils, how to cook using a wok and how to eat with chopsticks instead of silverware.

Asians use many varieties of sauces to spice up their dishes. There are many types of oriental sauces: strong highly flavored, spicy, thick and more smooth and light. Each type of sauce is to accompany a particular type of dish.

Some types of salsa are:

- Soy or soy.

- Teriyaki. It is a combination of soybean and sweet and sour sauce.

- Bittersweet. Composed mainly of tomatoes, sugar and vinegar.

- Peanuts. Prepared with coconut and peanuts.

- Sesame. Composed of different types of oil, vinegar and soy.

The most popular Asian dishes and preferred by lovers of this cuisine are fried rice, tempura, spring rolls, wonton soup, Sushi.

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