Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Successful Diet Tips

Ideal slim body and a dream of many people, especially women. Various methods are used to get it included a strict diet. However, rather slim body is obtained, but on the contrary or the body becomes weak due to lack of balanced nutrition. 

Why do you eat? 

    Do not use food as a reward for yourself. Choose other rewards such as new books, cinema tickets, and others. 
    Do not spend a plate of food on your family or your brother just because of love of food. Dispose of it immediately or store it in a place that does not look and plan to use it at your next meal. 
    Do not leave food lying or being seen if it will tempt you. Store food in containers that are not transparent and save it in a place that is not visible, such as in closets or in refregerator. 
    If there is some food and you mengingkannya, do not buy it. 
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What do you eat? 

Consider your diet, whether the pattern is close to a balanced nutritional menu or in the long term you are on a strict diet of only eating one or two particular foods? Maybe your weight will decline rapidly, but it can impact on health. Therefore, the “strict diet” to get attention if: 

    Does not contain the balanced nutrients, and therefore less healthy. 
    Can achieve the desired weight but not for long. 
    Not according to the family diet so you have to cook for yourself and for family. 
    Diet is often to make you hungry. 

Where do you eat? 

    Make some small changes around your dining room, it will help you avoid the temptation to eat foods you do not need. 
    Choose a specific place to eat at home (and at work). For example, the table is placed in certain places and eat and drink only in that place alone. 
    Do not eat and drink somewhere else (in the kitchen, family room, in the bathroom, walking, etc.). 
    Before you sit down to eat, arrange the room well. 
    When you eat, do not let the other food on the table. 
    Do not store food such as fruits, nuts or candies in the room where you eat. 

When would you eat? 

    Try to eat regularly three times a day. 
    Avoid foods taste when preparing and cooking food. 
    When you’re eating, do while reading a book or magazine, watching TV or talking on the phone. 
    If you want to shop (shopping), not in a state of hungry. Should eat first. 

How do you eat? 

    Concentrate on the food. Enjoy every spoon food. 
    Eat slowly and do not be hasty. Put a spoon into the mouth when the mouth is empty. 
    Use a small plate as a place to eat you. 
    Put the food in accordance with the requirements on your dinner plate, and do not add more. 
    If you have frequent contact with food, minimizing the contact, for example, after making the sandwich, put all the food, clean up and then sit down to eat the sandwich. 

With whom do you eat? 

    Eating out is fun, but not the food used as an excuse to socialize with others.

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