Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Eat a Pickle

Pickles don’t eat themselves, but some people say if you don’t eat a pickle, that pickle just might go ahead and eat you.  You do not want to be eaten by a pickle, though you may claim otherwise.  Tis a nasty, nasty thing.

It is important to eat pickles correctly.  To explain why would be to explain why the color of the sky is blue.  Indeed it can be researched and the answer sought and grabbed, but at what cost?  Certainly not the cost of a pickle.

So you have a pickle, that is the first step.  You look at the pickle.  You allow the pickle to look at you.  So far everything is wonderful.

You pick the pickle up.  You sniff it.  It smells like a pickle.  You eat it.  It tastes like a pickle.  All is good.  Everything remains wonderful.

You have now eaten a pickle.  Congratulations.  You have done it properly, and deserve a badge of merit.  Good luck procuring one!

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