Friday, April 1, 2011

Chips For Beginners

French fries

Seems easy to make chips, but there are people that leave some soft, others very hard and are not gold or anything. So I think it's important to start explaining this "plate" so simple.

The first thing you need is potatoes, of course. Peel and wash well under running cold water and are drying up one by one with a role.

Then the potatoes are cut one by one. They can be cut thin and elongated, with a square, etc..

Now check oil in a frying pan. The amount will be about 4 fingers.

Heat the oil to the maximum temperature that allows your kitchen.

The oil will be hot in 2 minutes or so, but to be safe, you can throw a potato in the pan and when you see it as boiling and foam, the oil is hot and ready to take the potatoes.

Reduce the heat and put a mean temperature of your kitchen.

Add some salt to the chopped potatoes and put in the pan with a slotted spoon, carefully. The safest thing is that you do not skip the oil to take the potatoes, since they have just put the salt. If ye lay before, then be formed in the potato water and it is likely that you skip the oil. Therefore I suggest you need take offense at this point.

Now you let the potatoes in the fire, over medium heat until the potatoes are made soft. To find out if they are soft, with a skimmer can touch them to see if they are soft. If you is for general guidance in 15 or 20 minutes will be soft, depending on how hot it was oil.

Once the potatoes are tender, should be brown. To do this, go up the fire, but a tad lower than the maximum temperature of your kitchen, that is, if your fire gets to 9, as you put it to 8.
The leave in the fire until you see that begin to brown, then you use the spatula to move them a little and brown on the other side.

When browned, the slowly do you find the pan and go. Do not forget to turn off heat and remove pan from heat to avoid burning (be careful not to burn you with the pan)

If you cut more chips than can fit in your pan (I usually fry maximum 4 at once), then you must repeat the operation. That is, once you have taken the first pans of potatoes, you lower the heat to medium, will ye lay salt potatoes, ye lay in the pan and, when they are soft, you go up the fire.

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