Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe for Easter Chocolates

Make Chocolates for Easter yourself at home

The traditional Easter eggs can be bought or homemade. Here is a recipe for making eggs, rabbits, chickens in the panache.

Easter is almost here. It is time to buy chocolate in subjects that you hide in the garden to please the children. But they can also do it yourself, it's not that complicated. Just follow the recipe step by step, it is a breeze.

The quantities are given for two large eggs. It takes about three hours to make.

250 g cooking chocolate
20 cl cream
250 g chocolate, chopped
80 g butter, diced
egg mold cavities (half-shells of medium size)
pan lice bath
cooking thermometer
Preparation of chocolate shells
Melt the chocolate: put 250 g of cooking chocolate, chopped in a bowl and melt in a bain-marie (water should just simmer), stirring constantly until the temperature of chocolate is between 50 and 55 ° C. Remove the bowl once the chocolate is melted and continue mixing until the temperature of chocolate is back down to 27-28 ° C.
Return the bowl containing the chocolate in the bath for the temperature to rise until 31-32 ° C. Remove from water bath.
With a brush into the molds, greased with melted chocolate. Refrigerate to harden the first layer of chocolate, then make 2 or 3 other layers, making sure each coat to harden before. The different layers must reach a thickness of 3 mm.
Store in a cool time to prepare the ganache to decorate eggs.
Preparing the ganache :

Heat cream in a saucepan and pour in 250 grams of chopped chocolate and whisk quickly to obtain a homogeneous mixture and smooth. Then add 80 g of butter cut into cubes. Cool, stirring occasionally.

Assembly of eggs :

Carefully unmold the half-shells and fill them with chocolate ganache cooled but still pliable. Glue the half-shells with a little warm melted chocolate.
Place eggs reconstituted at least 1:30 in the fridge.
Tips for successful chocolate eggs :

We must choose a chocolate coating of high quality: with at least 32% cocoa butter.
There couverture chocolate pellets: it's more convenient to use.
Trick to keep the temperature of chocolate 30_32 ° C: 10 seconds to pass the bowl in the microwave and check the thermometer.
The melted chocolate can be reused if it has not been mixed with another ingredient, let it harden and then reuse it.
The stripping of shells is tricky: you have to carefully lift the chocolate and let a little air between chocolate and the mold, it facilitates removal.

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